Content Without Boundaries

Browse the internet free of borders, safely and securely from anywhere.

"I love using Borderless Internet. You are doing a great job and no other service can compare to what Borderless is doing. Keep up the good work guys!"

Unblock Content

Global content free from artificial borders, censorship and restriction.

Online Protection

Your security against malware, email-phishing, ransomware and other nasty stuff.

Watch Anywhere

At home or on the go, access the all the content you want 24/7.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Borderless has amazing bandwidth, making for a great streaming experience.

Easy to Setup

Straight forward, step-by-step instructions get you set up and on your way in no time.

5-Star Support

Our friendly support team are there for any inquiry you might have.

Go Ahead. Take Back the Web

Browse the web free of borders, safely and securely from anywhere.

We’re not big fans of border on the internet. It’s called the Worldwide Web for a reason, and we’ve developed a Borderless Internet service to break down these virtual walls. By bringing a service that allows consumers around the World to view the content they value and deserve.


Our Founder received the FBI Director's Award of Excellence for his anti-cybercrime work.

Our passion and focus is to make life miserable for cyber criminals. We’ve taken that commitment to build the next generation of Internet security, and are proud to share it with you as part of the service you get with Borderless Internet.

It’s the next generation of anti-virus that doesn’t slow down your computer, and it’s the Ad Blocker you want with no browser extensions, making it your instant anti-phasing link protection.

All these features have been designed from the ground up, and are powered by our industry leading threat technology. It’s the same service that’s trusted by some of the world’s largest information, security and Fortune 500 companies.

Recipe Store

Your internet. Your way.

Borderless Internet is all about giving you the choice. Our Recipe Store is there to help you tailor the perfect browsing experience. With our simple recipe process, you can select any domain and access any site you want.

The Recipe store can also allow users to share their own recipes, allowing users to easily explore and find new content that meets their needs.

"I was an Unblockus user for over two years, and after they stopped answering their customers I switched to you guys."

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$40 $48 annually

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